What is E-Vite

Are you facing any of these lately?

- suffering eye-fatigue
- eye dryness
- long term wearing spectacles and contact lenses
- overusing electronic devices on a daily basis
- liking outdoor activities
- a vision-degraded elderly

As technology advances, many of what have been invented come in the form of digital screens such as smartphones, smart televisions, laptop, tablets, and others. However, all these gadgets emit blue light that also contain UV rays that is dangerous for our eyes.

For the most part, blue light can be found everywhere in most electronic devices (computer screen, tablets, smartphones, UV rays, etc). Most notably, the blue light emitted by electronic devices is just a small fraction of that emitted sunlight but the amount of time we spend and the proximities to such light from the screens have now been a major health concern.

Protecting the eyes

is an essential part of our life 

The eyes are essential part of your life because they are vital organs of which you use every day. This is why you need E-VITE!

Loaded with Lutein and zeaxanthin, these two components gather in the retina and macula. Both of these are carotene extracts which can be derived from green vegetables like spinach, corn, and egg yolk. The human body does not produce lutein and zeaxanthin naturally, hence, they need to be taken as a supplement.

E-VITE also contains astaxanthin that consists of carotenoids and antioxidant. It possesses a similar structure to lutein and zeaxanthin.

XanMax® Lutein + Zeaxanthin
Sweet Potato

Each of 2 E-VITE tablets consists of 10mg XanMax® Lutein, 2.2mg Zeaxanthin, and 4mg Astaxanthin, all as per recommended by American Optometric Association

XanMax® Lutein + Zeaxanthin

both are carotene extracts 

can be derived from green vegetables like spinach, corn, and egg yolk

extracted via multinational patented processes in the United States of America, Japan, and Europe

guarantees compliance with heavy metals is free of pesticides, preservatives, and xanthoxin.


consists of carotenoids and antioxidant

similar structure to lutein and zeaxanthin

Direction of Use

2 tablets per day