Whistleblower Policy and Procedures


Wellous Group of Companies (The Group) require officers and employees to observe high standards of business and personal ethics in their duties and responsibilities. We have zero tolerance on any improper conduct which including but not limited to financial impropriety, violations of laws and regulations, unethical conduct, conflicts of interest, and other serious violations of company policies.


Whistleblowing is defined as the deliberate, voluntary disclosure or reporting of individual or organisational malpractice by a person who has or had privileged access to data, events or information about an actual, suspected or anticipated Improper Conduct within the organisation or by an organisation that is within its ability to control.


A report of Improper Conduct may be made by an employee, Board of Directors, business associates such as digital entrepreneurs, sales experts, contractors, vendors, customers or other stakeholders of the Group.

Requirement of Good Faith
  1. The company expects all Whistleblowers, especially the employees to act in good faith and have reasonable grounds when reporting an incident.
  2. Any person making an allegation of Improper Conduct must have reasonable and probable grounds before reporting such Improper Conduct and must undertake such reporting in good faith, for the best interest of the Company and not for personal gain or motivation.
Lodging a Report

You may lodge your report through the link provided below or scan the QR code to access to the whistleblower portal:


or Scan QR :

Please email any further relevant documents for review to the address below. We welcome additional materials as needed and are happy to assist with any questions regarding suitable formats or transmission methods.

E-mail: [email protected]

Your reports help us in upholding our corporate integrity and preventing damage to our company, employees and other people.

Protection from Confidentiality

Information about whistleblower will be remained confidential until and unless the consent is obtained from the whistleblower if is required for investigation purposes.

The details of the Whistleblower Policy and Procedures are attached as follows:

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