20 Billion CFU Probiotics with Prebiotics
20 Billion CFU Probiotics with Prebiotics

Regular intake of probiotics is beneficial to our overall and gut health.

Contains 20 billion CFU of viable probiotics, PROBIOME is formulated with probiotics manufactured in the USA, UAS Labs. PROBIOME contains 11 specially selected probiotic strains from 3 major probiotic genus: Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and Streptococcus, also added with 2 types of prebiotics: fructooligosaccharides and inulin.

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MAL19126095NCR / KKLIU 2003/EXP31.12.2025

Used as a health supplement


Probiotics promotes gut health and nurtures beneficial intestinal microbiome.
Prebiotics provides favorable environment to stimulate growth of probiotics.

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